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Title: coffe

Among the common flavors of ice cream, coffee is one of the most popular. Coffee flavored ice cream became popular shortly after drinks such as coffee, tea, and chocolate were used before in cake, mousse and biscuit. Coffee is now one of the most popular and oldest flavors of ice cream.

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Category: Dairy

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Title: ice cream

Ice cream is by far the most popular dessert in the world. Scientifically, ice cream is a frozen dessert that contains at least 2 percent milk fat. This can range from 1 to 2 percent. The world's first ice cream factory started operating in the US in year 5. Ice cream has grown to include numerous flavors as it travels to every geographic area. It is interesting to note that the first appearance of ice cream in Iran today was from the Qajar period. When an ice cream called Akbar Fisti with Iranian saffron taste sweetened the Tehranians. Ice cream is now marketed in a variety of flavors, colors. Calais produces ice cream with fresh flavors and different types such as ice, cladding, catering, wooden and so on. One of the most popular names for ice cream enthusiasts is ice cream.

Address: No. 2 Lorestan Second Street
Category: Handicrafts
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