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Title: deuche marken

This butter has characteristics such as palatability, fragrance, palatability and playability of a well-rounded and homogeneous texture. This type of butter helps to absorb beta-carotene and fat-soluble vitamins and has many micronutrients that have anti-cancer properties. Appropriate consumption of this type of butter is needed and effective for the brain and nervous system in young people and children (preschool and preschool age). It is the pasteurized butter of Germany. Deutsche Marken butter is recognized as the highest indicator and standard for butter quality in the dairy and food industry worldwide.

Type: Products
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Category: Handicrafts

Company Profile

Title: butter

Butter is a crude, fatty oil obtained by spinning milk or buttermilk in butter wheels. This product is rich in protein and energy. Butter in Iranian culture is mostly served at breakfast with cheese or jam and is widely used in cooking. Calais Dairy Company produces very different butter based on the taste and taste of each of these products derived from the different nations of Korea. Calais invites you to a land of exciting Korean flavors by producing and supplying a variety of French, US, Deutsche Marken and Irish butter.

Address: second aveniu,lorestan
Category: Handicrafts
Contact info:: Phone :+9822822750
Mobile :+989122832351
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