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Low-fat probiotic yogurt packet 2000g, Pakban


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Title: Low-fat probiotic yogurt packet 2000g, Pakban

Low-fat probiotic yogurt packet 2000g, Pakban

Type: Products
Inventory: 323
Category: Beverages

Company Profile

Title: damdaran
Thirty years ago, in the spring of 1984 our business entity began in northern Tehran. First, we produced a variety of cow and sheep milk yogurt and raw and pasteurized milk and consequently buttermilk,traditional ice cream, yogurt, butter and cheese were added. Due to the natural quality ,our products were sold out within the first hours.After a few years we established the livestock in Shahriar producing raw milk and finally our dairy farm was founded in Haft joy village in 1999. Currently Damdaran Brand Holding includes mills and packaging pasteurized and dairy products and drinks. Our motivation and goal of entering the industry was producing healthy and varied dairy products that caused entrepreneurship and employment. Honesty and integrity are the main causes of our success in producing products that are daily needs of the people. The importance of this trade and industry is mentioned in holy scriptures by God and His prophets. Milk is named as celestial food and it includes its derivatives. The name of the company (Teen) is also derived from a sura of the Qur'an which is about the light and blessings of God. Damdaran Holding is an independent complex producing raw milk, pasteurized and sterilized dairy products and containers. Miami, Sahar,Jahan Saleh and Pars Sun companies belong to this holding.
Address: iran tehran
Category: Tourism
Contact info:: Phone :+989125506439
Website :
Instagram :Amirhossein Fallah
Location :


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